Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When life gives you a free Saturday- go to Switzerland!

What began as a plan to hang out with a few friends over the weekend turned into a day trip to Geneva- only 2 hours and 21 euros away. It was also the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of our Titre de Séjours, which allow us to leave and enter the country at will throughout the year. Lots of pictures and some general thoughts-

*It was great to be able to go to another country and then re-enter France. We were still Americans in Switzerland, but we were going back to France.
*I did exactly what I thought people were supposed to do in Switzerland- bought a Swiss Army Knife (it’s pink!), ate fondue and bought tons of chocolate. I did not, however, spend 80 dollars on chocolate like someone I know (cough Jean cough).
*Geneva is beautiful, but it’s definitely something I’m glad I did as a day trip. The only way I would have wanted to stretch it out would have been by visiting every museum.
*General confusion with the money at first- it took us a trip to the Office du Tourisme (they thought we were German!) to figure out the exchange rate between the Euro and the Swiss Franc. The francs, though, are much prettier.
*We learned that next time we go on a day trip we need to at least do some research and not just jump off the train and have no idea where we are. I did get to see the Palais du Justice three times though.
*Playgrounds are fun, even when you’re older.
*Did I mention that you should plan ahead?
*My phone switched from saying F SFR (France and SFR, the company I’m with) to Swisscom. I tried to take a picture of the screen all day, to no avail. But I know what my phone said, and shouldn’t that be enough?


At 10:46 AM, Anonymous toni said...

gina, gina, gina!!! the pics are online! go experience my wedding!
love you! miss you!

At 9:07 PM, Anonymous emmielee said...

hee hee - yay for trips! I did that when I was in Germany. We did enough planing to pack food for the train, and my travel book. It made for an interesting trip. :) I heart you!


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